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Innovation Medical Technologies, Inc. (IMT) is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Parker, Colorado.  IMT was founded with the idea of bringing a new approach to the delivery of spinal market place products in an ever increasingly competitive medical market place. Key principals include being Physician Centric, Science Based and working through University Driven physician leadership. The Board of Directors is comprised of a fellowship trained spinal surgeons.

The management team of IMT consists of seasoned orthopedic implant executives experienced with the orthopaedic medical market place.  The knowledge base and skills of these individuals allows IMT to be able to manage through the complicated and competitive needs of a growing spinal company. Core competencies include sales and distribution activities, product development, training and education as well as effective and creative marketing strategies.
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“Physician Centric” means that we understand and appreciate the needs of physicians who operate in the day to day world of providing spinal patient care. Providing exceptional service to its customers is a fundamental key for Innovation Medical Technologies. Not only does IMT provide clinical service for the OR, but in many other areas of the physician’s practice. We look at being an integral part of the physician’s practice so that they can be as efficient as possible while enhancing the patient physician encounter. Our sister company LeaTonCole Consulting, Inc. can provide a range of services from revenue enhancement to strategic planning and marketing assistance.

“University Based” refers to a relationship with leading medical universities in Japan and North America. Each of the six surgeon developers of the Arristos Spine System represents a renowned medical, academic institution in Japan.  This allows IMT a view into cutting edge research and unique methodology to evaluate new and existing spinal concepts and products.  World class results come from IMT’s world class relationships.

“Science Driven” comes from the foundation that the products IMT markets and develops represent an attempt to improve spinal surgery through science.  These improvements may be seen in implants, instruments and the materials used in products.  Research and Development are globally conducted from intercontinental locations, bringing a unique perspective to these spinal surgery products. Innovation operates through multilevel investigation and analysis by its Board of Directors and Employees.  We get counsel from leading members of the scientific spinal community.