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From the design and development phase, IMT utilizes the relationships we've fostered with leading physicians and surgeons that provide key input and feedback for innovative ideas.

Sales & Marketing

The IMT team has the expertise to support the various technical, clinical, organizational, relational and sales needs to be best in class for a medical device distribution company.

Product Launch

IMT is nimble, focused and driven to gain a significant portion of the market share. Our proven management team and strong deal pipeline are key strengths.

International Support

IMT has a demonstrated track record in working with multi-cultural entities and has successfully entered and competed in the global medical marketplace.

Our connections and industry expertise makes the difference.

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Innovation Medical Technologies, Inc (IMT) is a full service well experienced medical device sales and distribution organization that specializes in representing state of the art medical device companies with a particular ability with off shore entities. IMT only works with a select group of world class device companies that have the highest of standards who also bring unique and inventive approaches to today’s varied surgical case types.

IMT has been in business since 2006 and whose company principals bring a wealth of experience in device management, clinical evaluation, sales and marketing, new market place product launches and contracting. The company has been selling since its inception total joint products, spine and biological solutions. It sees its future as solid albeit that being successful in todays’ competitive market place will require strategic thinking, adept planning and a product mix that allows it be both flexible in price positioning and still have the highest of quality.

The worldwide medical device market place is a complex and ever changing landscape. IMT has a proven track record in addressing these changes. It has kept in front of trends without compromising gold standard solutions and keeping to its central goal of quality product, the highest of patient satisfaction and pricing that is aggressively competitive. Staying on top is more than being big — it’s about delivering results for our customers, medical device partners and the physicians we work with.

IMT provides the best of service and works hard to be worthy of our customer’s business and support.

LnK Spinal Fixation System

LnK Spinal Fixation System is a pedicle-screw based system that is used for Thoracic-Lumbar spinal fusion. This system provides various types of implants with different sizes, offering the best solution for spinal surgery such as spine deformity correction and revision surgery.

LnK MIS Spinal System

LnK MIS Spinal System is a quick and easy all-in-one system designed for minimally invasive spine surgery. MIS technique provides patients with fast recovery in less pain and quicker return to normal activity by minimum damage of muscles or soft tissues.

LnK Anterior Cervical Cage System

LnK Anterior Cervical Cage System designed in anatomical shape is used for ACDF. This system could be used with Autogenous Bone Graft or Bone Substitute to maximize fusion with its wide bone graft window. This system should be used with LnK Anterior Cervical Plate System.

LnK Posterior Cervical Fixation System

LnK Posterior Cervical Fixation System is used for Posterior Cervical Fixation. This system features a special bi-polar technology for pressure valve which provides wider ROM of screw head to allow various surgical approaches. Specially designed LnK Posterior Cervical Reduction Screw is effective for correction of malalignment of cervical spine.

LnK Anterior Cervical Plate System

LnK Anterior Cervical Plate System enables treatment for cervical spinal disease and can be used alone or with LnK Cervical Cage System. Variable and fixed screw prevents intervertebral disc space from subsiding after fusion and 1-4 level plates with various sizes could solve anti-adjacent level problems as well as minimize dysphasia with its optimized thickness.

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